9th International Surgical Sleep Society Meeting

5–7 April 2018 • Munich

9th International Surgical Sleep Society Meeting

5–7 April 2018 • Munich

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Scientific program

Please find the preliminary scientific program and the session planner to design your individual congress stay here.

  • Landscapes in obstructive sleep apnea 2018
  • Individualising OSA treatment – beyond CPAP for all
  • CPAP and its future in a world of diversified OSA treatments
  • The role of the nose in the Upper Airway
  • Surgical modifications of the soft palate I (snoring)
  • Surgical modifications of the soft palate II (OSA)
  • Hypoglossal nerve stimulation
  • CPAP & oral appliance & maxillomandibuar advancement (MMA)
  • Combined treatments with multi-level surgery – the recipe for success
  • Pediatric sleep disordered breathing – role of conservative and surgical therapies

Training in Upper Airway Stimulation with 3D Live-Implant
09.00–16.00 hrs                                                                100 EUR

Training & Cases in Decision Making: Which treatment is suitable for which patient
09.00–13.00 hrs                                                                50 EUR

DISE – Training Course
09.30–15.30 hrs                                                                100 EUR



Baptista, Peter (Spain)
Benoist, Linda (Netherlands)
Blumen, Marc (France)
Boon, Maurits (USA)
Borgstrom, Anna (Sweden)
Boudewyns, An  (Belgium)
Boyd, Gillespie M. (USA)
Carrasco-Llatas, Marina (Spain)
Certal, Victor (Portugal)
de Raaf, Christel (Netherlands)
De Vito, Andrea (Italy)
de Vries, Nico (Netherlands)
Dedhia, Raj (USA)
Drohamji , Karl (USA)
Duarte, Bruno  (Brazil)
Eckert, Danny (Australia)
Edenharter, Günther (Germany)
Ficker, Joachim (Germany)
Frerick, Matthias (Germany)
Friberg, Danielle (Sweden)
Gerek, Mustafa  (Turkey)
Heiser, Clemens (Germany)
Herzog, Michael (Germany)
Hofauer, Benedikt (Germany)
Hohenhorst, Winfrid (Germany)
Hopp , Martin (USA)
Hörmann , Karl (Germany)
Hsu, Wei-Chung (Taiwan)
Huntley, Colin (USA)
Ishman, Stacey L.  (USA)
Jacobowitz, Ofer (USA)
Kezirian, Eric (USA)
Kotecha, Bhik (United Kingdom)
Koutsourelakis, I. (Greece)
Kühnel, Thomas (Germany)
Lin, Hsin-Ching  (Taiwan)
Liu, Stanley Yung-Chuan  (USA)
Macintosh, Cameron (South Africa)
MacKay, Stuart (Australia)
Maurer, Joachim (Germany)
Mickelson, Sam (USA)
Mitchell, Ron B. (USA)
Montevecchi, Filippo (Italy)
Monteyrol, Pierre Jean  (France)
O`Connor, Peter (Germany)
Pang, Kenny (Singapore)
Pavalec, Václav (Czech)
Pevernaghie, Dirk (Belgium)
Philip, Pierre (France)
Probst, Evan  (Toronto)
Randerath, Winfried (Germany)
Ravesloot, Madelaine (Netherlands)
Rombaux, Philippe (Belgium)
Rotenberg, Brian (Canada)
Saldaña, Rodolfo Lugo  (México )
Sommer, Ulrich (USA)
Soose, Ryan (USA)
Steffen, Armin (Germany)
Strohl, Kingman (USA)
Stuck, Boris A.  (Germany)
Thaler, Erica (USA)
Toh, Song Tar (Singapore)
van Maanen, Peter (Netherlands)
Vanderveken, Olivier M. (Belgium)
Verbraecken, Johan (Belgium)
Verse, Thomas (Germany)
Vonk, Paddy (Netherlands)
Weaver, Ed (USA)
Weber, Silke (Brazil)
Woehrle, Holger (Germany)
Woodson , B. Tucker  (USA)
Yaremchuk, Kathleen (Germany)
Yildiz, Fahri (Germany)
Zancanella, Edilson (Brazil)